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Why work with Optima Forma?

At Optima Forma, we pride ourselves on being a unique boutique talent service that helps  independent IT talents in achieving their career aspirations. Our mission is to enable talents to achieve significant positive impact in both professional and personal life. Our commitment to enabling and empowering IT talent and maximising alignment with the customer sets us apart recruitment or staffing agencies. Discover the unique features that make Optima Forma a uniquely optimal choice for IT professionals and business clients seeking IT excellence and stretching their runway.

Talent-Centric Approach:

At the heart of Optima Forma lies our talent-centric approach. Unlike traditional recruitment or staffing agencies, we go beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality. We take the time to understand your ambitions, desires, and unique circumstances, treating each talent as a new canvas for growth. That means that our service comes with guidance, support and coaching for over a longer period of time. Our personalized support ensures that you receive tailored guidance and resources to propel your career forward. We're not about scaling up, we're about enabling significant life impact on an individual and family level.

Founder's Experience and Expertise:

Optima Forma's founder brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a rich history of international business and firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by IT talents, the founder has successfully worked with countless IT professionals. Their diverse background, including roles as a web developer, project manager, COO, CEO, and coach, gives them a comprehensive understanding of the IT industry from various angles. This multidimensional perspective allows Optima Forma to provide holistic support and guidance to talents at every stage of their careers.


Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Having been an entrepreneur for over 23 years, the founder understands the needs and challenges faced by potential employers. Optima Forma recognizes the importance of aligning talent with clients in an effective and mutually beneficial manner. Our entrepreneurial mindset enables us to bridge the gap between clients and IT talents, ensuring seamless collaboration and optimal results. With offices in multiple countries and a deep understanding of budgetary constraints, software startups, and client expectations, Optima Forma is well-equipped to facilitate successful partnerships.


Team Collaboration Anywhere:

In today's interconnected world, remote team collaboration has become increasingly vital. Optima Forma has been at the forefront of remote work for over 20 years, making us uniquely positioned to understand the additional challenges that come with it. Whether you're a client seeking a remote team or an IT talent working from a different location, we provide the necessary support and expertise to foster effective collaboration. Our approach makes sure that despite being far away from the HR manager / real manager, talents still get a high sense of alignment between their goals ins life and what the client offers. With trainings and coaching sessions talents will upskill their soft talents to overcome challenges with the remote business team.


Optima Forma is more than just a recruiter or a talent coach. Our approach will probably give a better HR service than any remote talent has ever seen, and we know that a happy team member is a productive team member!  We are a catalyst for success, combining a talent-centric approach, founder's experience, entrepreneurial mindset, and expertise in remote team collaboration. Our goal is to empower you to unlock your full potential, achieve professional growth, and find fulfillment in your IT career for the benefit of both yourself and your customer. Join Optima Forma today and embark on a transformative journey toward success.

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