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Land a new job

A Training to supercharge your chances to get referrals to land a job

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Trainer: Ha Vo,
Founder & Head of Talent 
at Optima Forma.

As an entrepreneur, employer and recruiter our founder knows what it takes to find great talents. In this training you will be taught how to stand out with your profile, to smartly network with social media, become found and get more referrals for jobs.

In this Training we will cover

6 x 2 hours
1/3 theory
2/3 work

300 Euro


Learning by doing

Practicing what you learned with others and with guidance is more effective than watching pre-recorded videos and doing assignments by yourself.

The setting is online and training materials will be provided through Google Drive.

By the end of the training you will have:

  • A better business profile on Linkedin

  • More content as in blogs / vlogs / videos

  • Interacted on social media with relevant people in your field.

  • Ways for relevant people to find their way to your profile and interact with you.

  • A profile page on Optima Forma with a mashup of your content where we will help promote you.

I want to land job opportunities faster, 

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