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A guide to contribute to collaborative articles on Linkedin

I was asked today to contribute to a collaborative Article on Linkedin, based on Linkedin Pulse and AI. The article was called "How do you assess IT outsourcing vendor reliability?"

The request looks like this when you get to your LI homepage

The invitation to contribute to the collaborative article appears on your Linkedin home page
Invited to collaborate on an article

I wonder how real the statement "... you're one of a few experts invited to add ..."is. Is this part of LinkedIn's AI selecting potential contributors? That a good use for it I guess. So I checked with my colleagues

It's easy to contribute to the collaborative article on Linkedin

Intrigued by this request from Linkedin I checked out where this would lead. Apparently this feature is part of LI Articles, more specifically a collaborative article, somehow powered by AI and the Linkedin community. It was quite clear how to start contributing to the article.

So I took some time to contribute, as I think this could be a great chance to share my expertise and be visible in an alternative way to my network.

Your contribution is shown right next to the section if you're one of the first
Contributing to the article is very easy.

Your contributions are promoted in other's LI feeds

Apparently, and logically as well, your contributions will be used to appear in the LinkedIn feeds of others in your network. And that of course is great! As it allows others:

  • to see that you're sharing knowledge with others, so do take time to come up with proper contributions

  • a reminder of what your expertise is when they check it

  • and that could of course lead them to interact with your contribution, showing it to others

Other LI users in your network will see a notification in their home feed about your contribution
How Linkedin promotes your contribution in your LI network

Others cannot just contribute

Apparently my colleague said after clicking on this notification:

  • he could see the full article with all contributions

Other can not just contribute to the collective Article
Other can see the full collective Article

  • but he could NOT contribute

Your contribution will be buried

After getting back to the page (to try see if an error would resolve itself), I noticed that my contributions weren't visible anymore. They were buried in the the "See more contributions"

You have to find your contribution when there are many
Your contribution gets buried when there are too many contributions

I actually had to click that button and another "see more contribution" button to see my contribution at the bottom of the list.

You might have to hit that "See more contributions" button a couple of times before you find your submitted contribution.
Your contribution is probably shown in chronological order

Tip for Linkedin: find a better way to show case the contributions that get buried.

Probably there is a limitation on your contribution

As I took it seriously, I wanted to contribute to each statement. However I could not add a contribution to the final 2 (of 7) sections. It kept giving me this error, also after several refresh and getting back to the page:

Maybe there is a cap on how many contributions one can submit to a collaborative contribution
Error when trying to submit your contribution

What is LI's endgame with this article? I wonder what Linkedin will make of this, maybe in sometime I will get a notification pointing me the result of the collaborative article. Or will it stay like it is?

This is worth my own full blog!

So since I got blocked by Linkedin to provide my views on the other points, I of course will write my own blog about it by: - reusing the article statements on Linkedin

- my contributions

- and of course ChatGPT's power to help me summarise ;)

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Hong Ha Vo
Hong Ha Vo
Aug 25, 2023

I think a Linkedin collaborative article doesn't allow you to contribute more than 5x, because I got the same error again at another article when trying to submit the 6th contribution.

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