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Cost Reduction: PUSH Notifications

Unpleasant Surprises

Increased pusher bill surprise
Increased pusher bill surprise

Startups often find themselves taken aback by unexpected costs tied to third-party services, such as location services and push notifications. In this article, we delve into the world of push notifications, with a spotlight on the well-known PUSHER service. We'll provide an in-depth analysis of their pricing structure, explore the mechanics of their background operations, and present alternative strategies that empower startups to trim expenses and enhance their competitiveness.

About Push Notifications:

A phone with push notification on display
A phone with push notification on display

Push notifications, those concise messages or alerts dispatched directly to users' devices—be it smartphones, tablets, or computers—by applications, websites, or services, are a critical means of real-time engagement. They manage to capture users' attention, even when the respective app or site isn't actively open on their device.

Push Notifications cost for Startups:

For fledgling startups operating with under 100 concurrent connections, PUSHER is indeed an attractive option. However, as a startup grows and scales, the 500 concurrent connection mark can trigger a $49 USD monthly charge while an app with 30K concurrent connections and 90 million messages triggers $1200 USD / month, having 100K or 1M concurrent connection makes your bill even higher.

This prompts the question: Can we trim our costs using better alternatives ?

Pusher pricing table
Pusher pricing table

Breaking it down:

To ascertain the validity of this pricing, let's take the task into our own hands. To fulfill the criteria defined above, we need to send brief messages and alerts to users' devices in a real-time manner.

Exploring SNS as an Alternative:

AWS' Simple Notification Service (SNS) offers an intriguing alternative. It delivers notifications at a rate of $0.50 USD per 1 million notifications directly to users via Application Platforms like Firebase Cloud Message (FCM) and Apple Push Notification service (APNs)—both of which are free to use.

AWS SNS pricing table
AWS SNS pricing table

SNS with Application Platform:

Setting up SNS with an Application Platform is straightforward. By opting for AWS and FCM, the cost becomes a mere $450 USD / Month for DAILY 90 million push notifications with unlimited concurrent connections—significantly more cost-effective than PUSHER's Growth Plus plan at $1,199 USD / Month with only 30K concurrent connections.


Understanding the true costs of push notifications is pivotal for startups seeking financial prudence and long-term viability. By venturing beyond conventional solutions and embracing alternatives like AWS' SNS, startups can significantly reduce expenses while maintaining seamless real-time communication with their user base. The journey toward cost-effective push notifications is indeed within reach for those willing to explore the options and innovate wisely.

If you're seeking expert guidance on trimming costs and enhancing your tech infrastructure, Optima Forma is here to help. As a tech-savvy consultants with a passion for delivering efficient solutions, we specialize in identifying areas where your business can save, without compromising on quality. Let's collaborate to evaluate your current tech expenses, strategize for cost reduction, and pave the way for a streamlined and prosperous future.

Don't let hidden costs hinder your business's growth. Reach out today and let's embark on a journey to elevate your business's bottom line through smart tech cost reduction strategies. Your success is our priority.

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