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How AI Tools Helped Me at Work to Create Course Materials.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

using chatgpt with tome

Have you ever faced a work project that seemed really hard?

I did, and I want to tell you how I made it easier using technology.

The Big Task

I was given a task to create a structure for an online course. Think of it like putting together a big puzzle with lots of pieces. Each piece was like a part of the course. It was a bit tricky. This project felt like a mountain to climb. I needed to make sure the course was organized and easy for people to understand. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I knew I had to find a way to make it work.

Engaging with a Valuable AI Assistant

I was already acquainted with ChatGPT, It had previously assisted me in crafting content for study and work abroad program brochures. It's like a smart friend who can help with many things. So, I asked ChatGPT for help. Guess what? It gave me a clear plan for the course content really quickly. It was like magic! When I first tried ChatGPT, I wasn't sure if it could really help. But as I typed in my questions and ideas, it started giving me great suggestions. I was amazed by how fast it understood what I needed.

Putting It into Action

With what I learned about ChatGPT, I started building the course plan. I also figured out a cool trick—how to give each part of the course a special name, like "v1.2" or "v2.0." This made it easy to keep track of everything.

However, even with the well-structured plan in place, joint reviews with my Manager

Ha Vo, were still a crucial step in the process. Each step of the way, I would share the course materials on Google Docs, and my Manager would meticulously review and provide feedback. It was during these reviews that I truly appreciated the power of collaboration.

My Manager's insights and expertise complemented the organization provided by ChatGPT.

The Google Docs comments section became our virtual meeting room, where we discussed improvements, clarified ideas, and refined the content. It was like having a real-time conversation with my Manager, with ChatGPT doing more of the heavy lifting in terms of generating content.

Taking on a New Challenge

But there was more work to do. My Manager Ha wanted slides for the course. ChatGPT couldn't make those, so I needed a new plan, a new . Creating presentation slides was a whole new adventure.I was a bit worried at first because I didn't know how to make them. That's when I started exploring different AI Tools and got creative in finding a solution.

Making My Own Presentation

With Canva and, I started making the slides. The slides didn't look great, and they did not match the organized course plan I made earlier. gave me some rough design about course structure, then I tried to make a similar design in Canva because I want more customizations which can't have an option to do so. When I started designing the slides, it felt like being an artist. I had all these ideas in my head, and Canva helped me turn them into beautiful visuals. It was exciting to see everything come together.

Redesigning AI-Generated Slides: to Canva Transition

Here are the images comparing slides created using and then remade it in Canva:

tome slide ai tool


canva to make slide

Why It Mattered

Using ChatGPT and other simple tools not only made my job easier but also faster and more accurate. With everything organized and presented in nice slides, working with my colleagues became super easy. My team, including my manager HaVo and members like Robin, appreciated the progress I made each day, as that was the cadence of our reviews. But the best part was the impact. People understood the course better, thanks to the organized plan and engaging slides. I felt fulfilled knowing that my work helped others’ learning experiences.

However, there is also a critical note where AI was not able to capture well. The structure was good, but the actual details of the training were not captured accurately. My manager HaVo spent quite a bit of time editing it. But he didn’t mind as he was pleased with the structure and creatives that were suggested.

In Conclusion

This experience showed me how technology can make our work simpler and better. ChatGPT helped me organize things, and Canva and made beautiful slides. Technology can be really helpful at work. In today's world, where technology is advancing rapidly, it's crucial to embrace these helpful tools. They don't just make work easier; they open up new possibilities and make us more efficient. So, don't hesitate to explore and make the most of what tech has to offer.

Final Thoughts

As technology continues to advance, let's remain open to experimentation in our work. My experience illustrates that leveraging intelligent technology and uncomplicated tools can enhance efficiency and streamline our tasks. Stay inquisitive, acquire new knowledge, and discover innovative approaches to work more efficiently. Ultimately, bear in mind that the value lies not only in the tools themselves, but in how we utilize them to enhance both our professional endeavors and overall quality of life. Continue to explore, learn, and strive for improvement.

Now, I'll outline the advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT and other similar tools.

pros and cons of chatgpt

difference between AI Tools

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